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Celebrate Men’s Health Week

This week (June 14-21) is Men’s Health Week

What can you do to celebrate? If you are a man or were designated male at birth, I’ve got a great list of self care items for you. If not, send these to the men in your life and help them get started on some basic care that will help them be around for Men’s Health Week year after year!

Man exercising - Men's Health Week 2021 - The Whole Spoon Drawer Chronic Illness & Disability Blog
Exercise is one way to take care of your body – and to celebrate Men’s Health Week.

What is the Goal of Men’s Health Week?

Men’s Health Week is designed to bring attention to men’s health issues and encourage men and those who were designated male at birth to pursue health care and better self care. This can take many forms, but in general, there are a few important checkpoints to look at this week.

If you already take care of these checkpoints in your yearly health exam schedule, that is great! If not, use this list to set up reminders and appointments to help you achieve better health in the year ahead and beyond.

To-Do – Learn About Prostate Cancer and Disease

Take a few minutes this week to learn about prostate cancer and disease. Learn the risks, when and how often you might want to have an exam, and to schedule your appointment if you need one.

To-Do – Learn about Testicular Cancer and Disease

Do the same with testicular cancer and disease. Learn about the conditions and risks, how to do self examinations, and when you should see a doctor about potential concerns.

To-Do – Learn About Better Skincare

Many men neglect skincare and other personal care techniques. These days, there is really no reason for this; skincare and personal care are no longer seen as “women’s” priorities. What’s more, men who take care of their skin, hair, and more often look younger for longer – which everyone can appreciate!

Man using skincare products - Men's Health Week - The Whole Spoon Drawer Chronic Illness & Disability Blog
Skin care is self care!

Invest in yourself by learning more about what skincare might be best for your individual skin type and setting a routine for your daily care.

To-Do – Learn About Other Men’s Health Risks

Studies have shown that men die from the top ten health concerns at greater rates than women. Part of this may just be because men are less likely to see a doctor. That may also be the reason that there are so far fewer men who are diagnosed with chronic illness and disability; there are probably a lot more men who are suffering from these conditions, but they are simply not prioritizing their health like they ought to be.

Other risks to investigate – especially if you have any family history of these conditions or underlying risk factors – include the following:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Depression, anxiety, and suicide
  • Lung cancer
  • Viral infections such as influenza, and more

If you have previously had concerns about any of these or if you are experiencing symptoms of any chronic or acute illness, please use this week as your opportunity to research these conditions and schedule an appointment with your doctor or specialist. It will only take a few moments of your day and is the best way to celebrate a week that is designed to help you address and improve your health for yourself and your loved ones.

Happy Men’s Health Week!

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