Free summer programs are perfect for spoonie parents.

3 Reasons Spoonie Parents Love Free Summer Programs

This week unofficially kicked off summer in many places, including our area.

My children and I signed up for the summer reading program through our local library. This weekend, two of my children will be going to vacation Bible school through their grandmother’s church. Later this month, one of my kids will be attending a summer camp and all of them will be enjoying weekly days at the YMCA.

What do all of these things have in common? They’re all free summer fun that are perfect for families like ours. 

Not sure what I mean? Check out these three reasons why the many free summer programs you can find in your community are a perfect fit for spoonie parents and their children:

Reading clubs and other free summer programs are a boon for spoonie parents and their kids.
Our library offers tons of free summer programs for kids that we love.

Free Summer Programs Won’t Bust Your Budget

Having a chronic illness or disability can be very expensive. 

Between traveling for appointments all over the state or country and paying for medication and other necessities, chronically ill folks often have strained budgets. Add in the expense of raising children and you have a recipe for next to no extra money.

Summer brings with it plenty of free programs and activities for kids. From free movies in the park to free meals and educational programs, there is something for every family. 

Check out your nearest library, church, or community center for more information about free fun available near you!

They Keep Your Kids from Being Bored

When my kids are bored, they complain. 

Not being in school definitely makes it easier for them to get bored; a year and a half of quarantine has taught me that! Being disabled means that I cannot always do fun things with them and take them to the kinds of places they want to go. 

Thankfully, summer programs help fill in the gaps.

The summer programs I enroll my kids in all offer plenty of fun and engaging activities. That helps them feel less “cheated” in comparison to their peers – something we struggle with as a family – and enjoy their summer vacation that much more.

They Offer Enriching Fun for the Entire Family

As a disabled, chronically ill parent, I have limited capabilities. 

Thankfully, the free summer programs that my community offers are great for the whole family. Reading is something we can all do. They love to show us the dances they learn every year in Bible school. The library hosts free movies in the park in comfortable, accessible settings, while the YMCA’s free weekly family days give us plenty of ways to play that are accessible for me and my children alike.

All of these programs work well for families like ours. 

I love packing our summer calendar with these programs and events because it keeps the kids from feeling left out of the fun they expect between May and August – and gives me the chance to make memories with them without hurting myself or busting my budget.

What do you think? Are you planning to enroll your children in one of these programs this summer? What are your favorite spoonie-friendly ways to keep your kids busy while bonding with them between school semesters?

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