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Welcome to TWSD, The Whole Spoon Drawer Chronic Illness and Disability Blog

As I am writing this, I am using the Blog By Number Course to learn how to better my blogging and better serve my audience – YOU! As part of that process, I would like to share with you exactly why I am writing the content on TWSD – and how I hope to use it to help you and those you love.

When I started this blog, my vision was to bring together other people like me who are living with disability and chronic illness. I knew there were millions of other people who were trying to raise children, keep their homes, have careers, and live full lives despite pain and illness that won’t let up, and I wanted to find those people and create real conversations and connections with them – as well as offer support and advice.

So, here is my list of how I plan to help you live a life that is more comfortable and filled with community and encouragement:

I Want to Encourage People Like Me – and You!

Few things are as discouraging as being sick and sore all the time. People wonder when you will feel well again and when you will be able to do the things you once did again. The truth is that you may never be at that point again, and that alone can be very disheartening.

On TWSD, I hope you will find a safe, comfortable space where you will be encouraged and uplifted throughout your journey with chronic illness or disability. Whatever your unique diagnoses, I hope you will find support here.

I Want You to Feel Less Alone 

If you are chronically ill or disabled, you know how isolating the experiences that come along with that can be. Sometimes, you can feel completely alone – even when you are surrounded by other people.

For me, this was a huge motivator in creating The Whole Spoon Drawer. I have been that person and I want to be the one that reaches out to you and your loved ones with encouragement and support throughout your journey.

I Want to Offer Simple Solutions for Everyday Problems

Being chronically ill or disabled can make everyday life more difficult. There are plenty of challenges that people without chronic illness or disability might not even recognize – but we see and feel them!

It is my hope that this blog will help you by presenting numerous easy ways to overcome those challenges and help you to advocate for yourself and your loved ones.

I Want to Help You Manage Your Pain and Symptoms

Chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and other issues faced by spoonies can be really difficult to cope with. While doctors can prescribe medication and therapeutic approaches to these problems, they aren’t always understanding about how these solutions really impact us.

Whether you are already receiving treatment or are hoping to get help, there are plenty of things you can do on your own to lessen your pain or manage your symptoms. These “secrets” are things that other chronically ill and disabled people are already doing and that I hope to help you learn about and incorporate into your personal approach to pain and symptom management.

I Want to Guide You Through Navigating Relationships

Parenting, dating, marriage, and sex are all difficult topics on their own. Throw in being chronically ill or disabled and you have a recipe for a lot of stress! I know this first hand, as a married woman with one biological child, an adopted child, and two foster children!

Here, I hope to offer support, advice, and resources for those of us who are trying to navigate life and love while balancing the challenges of chronic illness. You can be disabled and lead a full life of great friendships, fulfilling romance, and productive parenting. Let me and other spoonies help you find ways to do that!

I Want to Lead You to Valuable Resources for Chronic Illness and Disability

I say this all over TWSD, but am not a medical doctor. I have no medical training. I want to make that very clear! However, I do have decades of life experience of being chronically ill and disabled, as well as navigating the challenges that come along with that at various ages and stages of life.

I plan to help you find resources for improving your life and living with less pain, fewer complications, and more hope and happiness. If you have any questions or can think of any ways that I can do that, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

I hope that after reading this, you’ll not only stick around but that you’ll find plenty of value in this blog and the content I plan to share with you here!